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Ease of Use
Simply turn on the Waterclave in the morning and off in the evening.
Introduces the periodic chemical flushing from one central location.
Low Maintenance
Works well with new and old equipment. The Waterclave System is especially desirable when new equipment is installed. Lower levels of biofilm decrease the need for periodic chemical treatment for up to 3+ years.
One Waterclave System will maintain an entire office or clinic (up to 40 units).
Seven years of research and development have produced the “gold standard” of dental unit waterline treatment; made entirely of stainless steel, FDA cleared, patented, ASME Coded and UL approved.
The Waterclave System treats water with Autoclave like temperatures and pressure (270 F and 30 psig) while deaerating the water.
Out performs the CDC recommendations of >500 CFUs/ml for 6+ months without chemical maintenance.
Deoxygenates water to >100 ppm from 10,000 ppm slowing the recovery of aerobic bacteria in the dental units.
Closed System
Does not allow the staff or other outside bacterial influences to cross-contaminate the dental unit waterlines.
No need for continuous chemical injection which may react with patients or staff or encourage a more chemically resistant bacterial.
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