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"Dental Products Top 100 Products:" Waterclave was featured in The Dental Products Report as one of the top 100 new dental products.
"Waterclave System has a new design:" The Waterclave© dental water purification system has been redesigned and re-engineered to deliver clean, 0 CFU/ml water to up to 40 dental units with microprocessor-control and easy-to-read pressure and temperature readouts. A totally stainless steel device provides a sleek, smaller (14"W x 18"D x 30"H) contemporary design, with FDA clearance and UL and ASME approval.
"You Committed Your Practice to the health of your patients." Biofilm is no longer an industry buzzword. In fact, the American Dental Association has established a standard of less than 200 colony forming units of bacteria per milliliter of water (CFU/ml). Waterclave is simply the first water purifying system that exceeds this standard, and operates virtually maintenance free.
"Zero Growth " In the battle against bacterial contamination of dental unit waterlines, three local dentists have recorded a big zero and they are very pleased. The Waterclave water purification system allows them to treat patients in a safe environment.
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