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Waterclave dental biofilm removal
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"Eliminate biofilm in your dental unit waterlines"
Waterclave eliminates the need for retrofits, independent resevoir systems, sterile or distilled water storage, point-of-use filters and frequent chemical treatments.
Waterclave dental biofilm removal
Ease of use: Simply turn the equipment on in the morning and off in the evening.
Low Maintenance: Works well with new and old equipment. System is especially advantageous when new equipment is installed starting with no biofilm as it is expected to run without the need for any additional flushing.
One device: One Waterclave System will maintain an entire office or clinic (up to 40 units).
Performance: Water treatment at autoclaving levels of pressure and temperature with no need for continuous chemical injections.
CDC: Recommendation for < 500 CFU/ml, Waterclave provides 0 CFU/ml for 6+ months.

ADA: Recommendation for < 200 CFU/ml, Waterclave provides 0 CFU/ml from 6+ months.

Closed System: Patients are not affected by staff cross-contamination nor exposed to chemicals.
FDA Cleared

510(k)# K001878

ASME Coded

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US Patent # 6,212,333-B1
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